Becoming an agent for Gold Star Transportation is an excellent way to increase your income while helping companies meet their transportation needs.

Earn Commissions by Recommending Shippers To Us

Gold Star Transportation is a third-party logistics (3PL) company specializing in transportation management and a full range of freight brokerage services.

With more than 34 years in business, Gold Star Transportation has always maintained solid growth and financial stability. We have the resources to ensure your contacts and customers receive outstanding carrier services, better payment terms and greater flexibility in their shipping.

Gold Star Transportation offers programs for two different types of agents: referral agents and freight agents. Referral agents earn commissions by recommending shippers to Gold Star Transportation. Freight agents are independent brokers who have access to Gold Star Transportation’s back-office resources and carrier network.

Below is more information about both agent programs:

Referral Agents

As an approved referral agent with Gold Star Transportation, there is no limit to your commissions. Many of our agents refer contacts to Gold Star Transportation when they identify a business that needs help with shipping. Other agents pursue opportunities more aggressively. There is no risk with becoming a referral agent for Gold Star Transportation, but there is much to gain. Referring shippers can lead to thousands of dollars in extra income per year. You will also be referring your contacts to a transportation company with a solid service record and a network of more than 13,000 contracted carriers.

Freight Agents

The Freight Agent Program allows independent brokers to move their customers’ freight while Gold Star Transportation handles all of the back-office responsibilities. Our freight agents work from their homes while having access to all the resources of a large, established transportation company.

Gold Star Transportation is seeking freight agents who are reliable and want to grow their books of business. Agents should have at least two to three years of broker experience.

Benefits of the Freight Agent Program:

  • Gold Star Transportation provides computer equipment and access to our brokerage software system.
  • Competitive, monthly commission payouts.
  • Carrier risk management.
  • All back-office services provided. These services include credit checks on your customers.
  • Industry-leading payment terms and freight carrier settlements within 10 days.
  • Network of more than 13,000 CSA-approved carriers throughout North America.

For more information, contact:

Tony Janiak
Director of Business Development
Mobile: 913-624-4258

You may also email Tony at:

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