Gold Star manages the flow of information to bring real-time visibility and optimal decision making to the supply chain.

We have complete control of our technology because we design and build it in house. We are transportation experts who also know science, engineering, and application development. We customize our technology to meet customer's unique needs.

  • Capacity Development and Predictive Modeling
  • Collaborative Planning and Execution
  • Mode Optimization and Execution
  • Real-time Metrics
  • Customizable Benchmark-based Reporting
  • Industry Leading TMS (Tracking Management System)
  • Interfacing - EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and Flat File
  • Data Visibility

The more effeciently we can match our customers' freight to the best capacity solution, the lower the cost and the better the service to our customers.

Gold Star EDI

For more information on EDI, contact:

Mark Ratterree
Director of Information Technology
Office: 913-981-8017

You may also email Mark at:

Gold Star Technology

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